Ask A Billionaire Podcast #36: Personality Traits & Business Attributes

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Ask A Billionaire Podcast #36: Personality Traits & Business Attributes

In this episode, the recluse billionaire, Mr. O and I take live questions from attendees.

Questions in this podcast are as follows:

Question # 1:

What are the first 5 thing Mr. O suggests to becoming an Industry Leader?

Question # 2:

What are Mr O’s thoughts on Mackenzie Scott giving away her fortune to charities? And what does Mr O think are worthwhile causes to donate to?

Question # 3: 

What personality / business traits does Mr O look for in people he considers working with?

Question # 4:

What should you be aware of to become more persuasive?

Question # 5: 

How can I start from nothing or very little money to build wealth ASAP?

Question # 6:

What do you hire out to employees or contractors?

Question # 7:

How does a person’s mindset show up in the way they do business or handle money?

Question # 8:

How do I work with trusts/ trustees?

Question # 9:

How honest is too honest?

Question # 10:

What are some common personality traits in people, who have achieved  100s of millions of dollars?

Question # 11:

Is there a specific strategy for owning houses in multiple countries other than parking money?

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