Ask A Billionaire Podcast #38: Do Investors Need To Be Passionate About My Industry?

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Ask A Billionaire Podcast #38: Do Investors Need To Be Passionate About My Industry?

In this episode, the recluse billionaire, Mr. O and I take live questions from attendees.
At the end, Mr O addresses a client, who disrespected him via a rudely written email.  It does not matter who you are, your clients do not dictate the tone of how they treat you - you do!

In this episode, the following questions are discussed:
Question #1:
How do I sell investors on a specific return, if the investment isn't something that they are passionate about.

Question #2:
Do I need to find capital investors who have the same passion as I do for my startup?

Question #3:
What are your thoughts on investors about giving up equity in return for money?

Question #4:
What are 3 questions you would ask contestants, who are trying to win funds for their business?

Question #5:
What would Mr. O say is the top five profitable uses for land?

Question #6:
What is the best route to brand your business? 

Question #7:
Wouldn’t it be more efficient giving a website developer a set of goals and a broad brush, then tweaking the final product in discreet iterations?

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