Ask A Billionaire Podcast #39: How To Look At Money Differently

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Ask A Billionaire Podcast #39: How To Look At Money Differently

In this episode, the recluse billionaire, Mr. O and I take live questions from attendees.

 In this episode, the following questions are discussed:

Question #1:  What are the top 3 core values that you personally live by?

Question #2:  What is the best advice you’ve ever received about making money? And is it something that you actually use yourself?

Question #3:  How do you look at risk vs reward?

Question #4:  Explain #4: Controlled Maximum Motivation, the on/off button.

Question #5:  What do you do to keep yourself motivated in business when you don't have to work anymore? 

Question #6:  If there was one thing that you could narrow down that the average person doesn't do or know about creating wealth, what is it?

Question #7:  When working 10 hours plus at a time, what do you do to maintain a quality of work?

Question #8:  In your businesses  are you the person who pushes innovation and new ideas, or is that something you allow managers and other leaders to do?

Question #9:  How do you ensure that you come up with the best return on investment for anything you put your own capital into?

Question #10:  Is there a difference between working with friends and working with business associates.

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