Ask A Billionaire Podcast #41: Can Money Buy Happiness?

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E.N.I.G.M.A. Mastery Group
Ask A Billionaire Podcast #41: Can Money Buy Happiness?

In this episode, the recluse billionaire, Mr. O and I take live questions from attendees.
We are answering the following questions:

Question #1:
Why is “hard work” not mentioned in the Standards of Knowledge?

Question #2:
Can money buy you happiness in your experience? What are some of the problems you experience having lots of money?

Question #3:
What do you think about Buffet not wanting all the Bitcoin for $25?

Question #4:
What is your opinion about franchises?

Question #5:
How can I find good help with no money to pay a quote-unquote good salary?

Question #6:
What luxury perks do you make available for yourself being as wealthy as you are?

Question #7:
How much interaction do you have with the employees of your businesses?

Question #8:
How do I approach a wealthy person and have them want to listen to my elevator pitch?

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