Ask A Billionaire Podcast #42: Tips For Successful Negotiations

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Ask A Billionaire Podcast #42: Tips For Successful Negotiations

As always, the recluse billionaire Mr. O and I take live questions from attendees.
This week we are answering the following questions:

Question #1:
How hard is it for people to take you seriously since they are talking to a black screen?

Question #2:
 Is there a sure fire way that you have to save time during the day.  Are there items that you have others handle for you that waste your time?  I feel like all I do is menial tasks in my business and can’t seem to get the time to focus on big picture stuff.

Question #3:
What practices from how business was done in the past should still be used today?

Question #4:
What are some tips that are beneficial for success negotiations from your business experience?

Question #5:
How do you deal with the volatility in the markets?

Question #6:
What is the difference between an ally and just a business associate to you? How does that work with number 13?

Question #7:
Is being too competitive a bad thing in business?

Quesstion #8:
Do you have any philosophy concerning competition in one's business industries? I'm constantly trying to figure out how to stand out above my competition!

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