Ask A Billionaire Podcast #45: Billionaire Skills Part III

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Ask A Billionaire Podcast #45: Billionaire Skills Part III

As always, the recluse billionaire Mr. O and I take live questions from attendees.

This week, however, we did it a little differently. Mr. O dives into the 13 Standards of Knowledge and explains through examples on how to use them. These Standards of Knowledge have helped him become a billionaire and they can enrich your life as well. This is part 3.
The Standards of Knowledge covered today are:

11. Mechanics And Power Of Your Thought Process:
To develop and take advantage of the ultimate power of mental thought processes like the minds that create and develop the great patents of our time. Mental Gymnastics. Mental Mechanics.

12. Reinventing Yourself:
Designing, understanding, re-creating, structuring your Essence and Persona to
become whatever you wish and be perceived as you wish. Lifestyle access.

13. Your Cadre:
At will, To develop and command a financially self justifying structure of productive associates.

We also covered the following questions:
Question #1:
In my business (actors, not producers), who would you consider part of my cadre?

Question #2:
What are your guidelines on building growth in your businesses? Is there a certain percentage in growth that you want to make every year or quarter?

Question #3:
How do you know you're getting better at reading people and how do you know you're becoming more persuasive?

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