Ask A Billionaire Podcast #47: Sharing Advice For Going Into A Bear Market

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Ask A Billionaire Podcast #47: Sharing Advice For Going Into A Bear Market

As always, the recluse billionaire Mr. O and I take live questions from attendees.
This week we are answering the following questions:

Question #1:
What should my number one priority be in my business? 

Question #2:
It looks like we are going into a" bear market", and the recession is on the horizon. What advice would you share for entrepreneurs and business owners to be successful on the down market? 

Question #3:
I know you're a recluse, but you've owned a lot of businesses. Can you share some of the industries that you have experienced in?

Question #4:
How often do you challenge your beliefs?

Question #5:
When you work with veterans, what are the strengths that you see in veterans that I should tap into to become successful in business?

Question #6:
Under what circumstances would you consider taking on a distributorship?

Question #7:
when you're looking for land to buy, what are the features that you have to have? And what lack of features is a no go for you?

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