Ask A Billionaire Podcast #48: Favorite Definition Of Success

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Ask A Billionaire Podcast #48: Favorite Definition Of Success

As always, the recluse billionaire Mr. O and I take live questions from attendees.
This week we are answering the following questions:

Question #1:
Have you ever separated from a partner in the middle of a deal? If you did, were you able to complete the deal or did it all blow up?

Question #2:
Do you see a path for the city of Las Vegas to keep being prosperous if the water runs out of Lake Mead?

Question #3:
Why do you hide yourself from everyone?

Question #4:
What is your favorite definition of success?

Question #5:
Businesses in the past few years have inserted the triple bottom line. Do you have any words of wisdom on how to make sure you get good results in all three?

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