What is ENIGMA Mastery Group and what does it mean to you?

Well first of all…Welcome and thanks for coming through!  My name is Jon Lee and I’m a former Army helicopter pilot and currently run businesses as a real estate investor & business consultant.   

I used to run the largest real estate investment club in the state of Nevada called the Outback Real Estate Investment Network but a chance encounter at a business networking event changed everything for me.  Before I get into all of that, have you ever asked yourself the following questions:

  • “How do the most successful business minds create the wealth & assets they own?”
  • “What changes do I need to make to break out of my current rut and find the success in my business & life?”
  • “How do I put my career and/or business in a place where I can see ahead, so outside circumstances don’t negatively affect either?”
  • “Where do I find the capital to start a project/startup business or scale an existing business?
  • “Where do I start the process to increase my personal net worth to become a multi-millionaire or even a billionaire?”
  • “Where do I find the right people to be around who understand the changes I need to make and are in the fight with me?”

If any of these questions are something that you have asked yourself before…then you are in the right place!

A Chance Encounter

“Luck is where opportunity meets preparation.” – Seneca

After serving 11 years in the army as a warrant officer and Apache helicopter pilot, I jumped into real estate full time eventually running the largest investor group in the state of Nevada. 

In Spring 2018, I was attending a networking event of different business owners and a gentleman, I connected with, stated that he worked for a recluse billionaire who enjoyed consulting with entrepreneurs and small business owners to create massive success using the skills he codified as “The Thirteen Standards of Knowledge”.

 The recluse billionaire went by the pseudonym “Mr. O” and he has designs to eventually create his own reality show documenting how the Thirteen Standards of Knowledge helped his clients’ success.

A few days after that networking event, I was invited for a video conference meeting with Mr. O due to my real estate and leadership background.

He only took on a few clients at a time and he wanted to meet to see if I was a fit.

I had reservations about the meeting, due to not knowing Mr. O’s real name and knowing that I was going to be looking at a black screen while he could see me BUT while having middling but consistent success in my real estate business, I wanted to know what more could be out there.

After an hour long conversation with him, I quickly identified Mr. O’s business acumen and paid $10,000 to become his client. 

Now the $10k meant nothing to Mr. O, he could blow that on lunch in a week if he wanted to. 

For Mr. O, the fee was about putting "skin in the game” for his time and for me at the time, it was a commitment that I planned to make the absolute most of it.

I now had a billionaire mentor and there was no going back to the old way I used to approach business!

The Offer of a Lifetime

After working with closely & learning from Mr. O for a little over a year, gigantic success was being created as we acquired $30 million in land assets during this time. Mr. O saw how serious I took the Thirteen Standards of Knowledge and he gave me an offer that I couldn’t refuse.

Mr. O offered me the opportunity to be his partner in creating a new business consulting with business owners & helping them through the Thirteen Standards of Knowledge at a scale that spans not just nationally but internationally!

This is how ENIGMA Mastery Group was created and my opportunity of a lifetime is extended to help you!

Take Note:  Just skipping ahead….It wasn’t until after working for Mr. O for two years, having massive success and about a year after ENIGMA was created, that I actually met Mr. O in person.  THAT is how important his privacy and anonymity are to him!

A Name With Meaning

The name “ENIGMA Mastery Group” has special meaning.

The acronym ENIGMA stands for:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Neuroscience
  • Inspiration
  • Genius
  • Magnetism
  • Accomplishment

Also, the true success that people are looking for (financial, lifestyle, personal relationships, earning your time back, etc.) is truly an enigma for most everyone. 

Here we give you the resources to include the Thirteen Standards of Knowledge and a community where you can “master” the “enigma” that has been vexing you and countless others all your professional life.  Hence the name ”ENIGMA Mastery Group”.

We’ve Taken Our Time To Get Things Right

Mr. O & I have taken our time for the past couple of years to figure out the best way to teach the Thirteen Standards of Knowledge and how to leverage the technology that we all have access to, in order to benefit you and your business endeavors.

This includes working with private clients from various industries and surveying those clients and many other entrepreneurs concerning the area(s) where they need the most help.

We believe that EVERYBODY (including YOU) was born with the same gray matter, save for a child prodigy, or those born with special needs. 

Therefore, ALL of us have the potential for success beyond our wildest dreams!

That is why Mr. O has offered his consulting and experience to YOU!

We’re here for you by helping you break free from the potential quagmire you could be in and generate the success you have dreamed of!

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